Safe. Smart. In control.

Counterfeit goods, such as drugs, watches, clothes and even industrial parts, cost worldwide producers nearly $1 trillion annually in losses, resulting in nearly 1 million lost jobs in the US alone. More disturbing, 1 out of 4 people are affected by food borne illnesses from improper handling and production, resulting in thousands of deaths and billions of dollars in losses and recalls. Unfortunately, currently available solutions can't solve these problems.

Minus9 Labs has the solution to securing, authenticating and tracking
your product at the item level, not just the package

Minus9 has created microscopic, edible, track and trace tags, called “mints™”
(Micro Item Number Tags). Mints are produced using silica, a safe and natural mineral present in everyday food.  However, mints are physically encoded silica and thus act as “smart silica,” which can be read electronically and authenticated in real-time.  When added directly into a product or to a product surface, consumers and producers are provided safety from food borne illnesses and counterfeit products, knowledge about a product’s source and pedigree, and control over counterfeiters.

Learn more about “mints™” and their ability to track, trace and authenticate medicine, food products, consumer goods, industrial products or their newest applications.