Industrial and Military Products.

Counterfeit automotive and aviation parts are over a $50 billion business annually. So pervasive and common are these parts that they have even penetrated the US military. Job losses in the automotive sector alone due to counterfeits are placed at 200,000. Military studies have estimated that overall weapon system reliability is reduced by 5-15% due to counterfeits.

Mints’ covert, microscopic size, item unique code capabilities and high temperature resistance (over 1600 °C) make them ideal for both small and large scale parts. Indirect, multi tag, rapid scanning readers can verify hundreds of parts in under 30 milliseconds.

Mints are passive thus rendering their inventory shelf life well beyond that of RFID. Coupled with an item cost of 1/100th the cost of RFID and the choice is clear. Use of mints is possible at multiple levels within the supply chain and at multiple levels of packaging, or they can be integrated with existing package tracking technologies, such as traditional barcodes or RFID.

Learn more about “mints™” and their ability to track, trace and authenticate medicine, food products, consumer goods, industrial products or their newest applications.