Counterfeit drugs cost thousands of lives and over $80 billion in losses annually to the pharmaceutical industry.

Mints are created from food-grade silica, generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the FDA and already used in hundreds of pharmaceuticals as a thickening agent. Further, silica is sold separately as a vitamin to aid in bone generation and is naturally occurring.

Mints’ covert, microscopic size, item unique code and edible nature make them ideal for on-dose tagging of both branded and non-branded pharmaceuticals with no changes required to production lines as they can be added as an excipient or to the outside of tablets via sprayable inks or coatings, or by using industry standard pan coaters.

Mints are passive (unlike RFID) and can be used at multiple levels within the supply chain and at multiple levels of packaging. They can be read through clear plastic blister packs, as part of an inspection/quality assurance process, by a pharmacist, or by the end consumer themselves, allowing for full pedigree in a truly layered security and track and trace schema.

Further benefits include strong capabilities to reduce liability and strengthen brand loyalty through direct end consumer verification and counterfeit whistle blower programs.

Learn more about “mints™” and their ability to track, trace and authenticate medicine, food products, consumer goods, industrial products or their newest applications.