market applications.

Minus9ís unique encoding solution allows for a vast array of track, trace and authentication uses for mints.

  • A nearly infinite number of unique codes can be created.
  • Scalable size enables both covert and semi-covert tagging.
  • Inert and naturally-occurring mineral composition means
    it can be ingested.
  • Multi-layer tagging means that they can be used within
    or on a product, package, label or security fiber.
  • Costing a fraction of a penny, they are 1/100th the cost of RFID.
  • Passive - no batteries or power required.
  • High temperature resistance makes mints invaluable for
    industrial and forensic uses.
  • Digital scanning can handle high-speed, non-destructive
    reading and validation of hundreds of tags in milliseconds.
  • Widespread, economical readers means that consumers
    can also validate the product, ensuring stronger compliance
    and brand loyalty.

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