Food Products.

1 in 4 people contract some form of food borne illness every year due to poor food handling and production, resulting in thousands of deaths. Further, costs associated with food recalls are responsible for over $300 billion in losses, with over half of that coming in the US. Counterfeit food products are responsible for over $50 billion in losses.

The human and capital losses are staggering and difficult to oversee - the FDA manages to inspect less than 2% of all food products.

Mints can help create a safer and more secure food supply chain

Mints are created from food-grade silica, generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the FDA and already used in hundreds of different food products as a thickening agent. Further, silica is sold separately as a vitamin to aid in bone generation.

Mints’ covert, microscopic size, item unique code and edible nature make them ideal for direct food product tagging. Mints can be applied directly to the food surface or mixed directly with a powdered or granular product. Further, mints are passive (unlike RFID) and item code unique, capable of being used at multiple levels within the supply chain with multiple levels of packaging giving full track and trace capabilities at any level of the supply chain – from producer, to packager, to distributor, wholesaler, retailer and consumer; allowing for full visibility in a truly layered security and track and trace schema.

Benefits for inspectors include: full pedigree of supply chain digitally visible; instantaneous comprehensive item tracking; and less painful regular or surprise inspections.

For consumers: product freshness can be quickly validated; full pedigree and sourcing instantaneously available; and comfort in knowing your purchases are secure, from farm to store to dinner table.

For producers, benefits include: full supply chain visibility; easier compliance and upstream tracking; stronger capabilities to reduce liability; strengthen brand loyalty through direct end consumer verification; and counterfeit whistle-blower programs.

Learn more about “mints™” and their ability to track, trace and authenticate medicine, food products, consumer goods, industrial products or their newest applications.