Luxury and Consumer Goods.

Nearly half of the $1 trillion in worldwide losses due to counterfeits occur within consumer goods. Producers of luxury goods, including; watches, clothes, accessories, perfumes and alcohol are some of the largest victims from counterfeiting.

With end consumer validation, mints can virtually eliminate counterfeiting

Mints’ covert, microscopic size, item unique code and edible nature make them ideal for product-level tagging of brand name products – watches, alcohol, perfume and handbags to name a few. For minimal costs, producers can protect their high end brands from both amateur as well as sophisticated counterfeiters.

Mobile readers with wireless connections to producers allow consumers to complete the closed-loop supply chain, with validation occurring between consumer and producer. This allows for very strong brand loyalty programs, more active and direct advertising and even reward, or whistleblower programs to further strengthen ties between end consumer and producer.

Learn more about “mints™” and their ability to track, trace and authenticate medicine, food products, consumer goods, industrial products or their newest applications.